Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My kid and my hair dryer went off to college

Well, I did what so many others before me have done...I sent my kid off to college this weekend.

The 2 days before we left she was frantically packing the things she thought she might need.  Trying to fit 18 years worth of crap into 4 boxes is quite a feat.  She tossed in her deodorant, her favorite shoes, a super cute backpack, and during this packing frenzy a few questions came up.
"Mom, can I take the movie Bewitched?"  
"Of course you can take that.  Duh!  You're going to college!  College kids watch movies!"
"Mom, I'm gonna need printer paper...and a printer!"
"Don't worry, we never use the printer and they're cheap so I can get another one."
"Mom, what about the hair stuff and the contact solution?  We share that!"
"Well, that's no big deal Honey, you can take it."
"OMG Mom, I can't find that cute hat and scarf we bought last winter!  It's going to get cold up there you know?"
You mean MY cute hat and scarf that you always wear? "Ok, let me find that for you sweetie."
"Hey Mom!  I need that awesome green sweater.  Remember the one?"
"Are you talking about my awesome green sweater?  The one from Old Navy?"
"You never wear that Mom!"
(Yes I do...just not in July!)  "You're right.  I'll dig it out." (Good grief!)
"Mom!  Where are those earbuds?  The white ones?"
"Those are mine Sweetheart.  I got them at the same time I got my phone, remember?"
"Yeah but I stepped on mine and now I have none!  When's the last time you used those anyway Mom?"
(Ok, that's not really the point here.)  "Well, I may want to start using them while I run."
"Come on Mom!  You won't use them.  Where are you going to carry your phone while you're running?"
(UGH!!)  "Ok Bug.  Go ahead and take them.  They're on my desk."
And so on... 
and so on...
and so on......

When we got to her dorm bright and early Saturday morning we started to unpack her things.  We'd gotten her new bedding and towels and all kinds of other shiny new dorm stuff, but as I went through box after box I came across several familiar items.
"Bug, these are my earrings."
"I found them in my overnight bag so I thought you gave them to me."
"Well, no, but I guess you can keep them.  It's ok."      
"Hey Bug, that's my cute toiletries bag.  I take that when I travel."
"Yeah but I have to have something to take down to the showers since I don't have my own bathroom here."
"I guess you're right."      
"Beighly, you KNOW these socks are mine.  Right?"
"Mom, I have NO SOCKS AT ALL and you have like a million!"
And so on...
and so on...
and so on.....

We spent the rest of the day getting her room just right.  We went for dinner that night and then again for breakfast Sunday morning.  We said our good-byes and made a quick get-a-way before I started my bawling.  After 414 miles, 6 hours and 8,267 tears we made it back home.  Back to a home where no kids run up and down the stairs (or drive through the front door into them).  A quiet home with no stomping feet or slamming doors.  Where no one complains about what's for dinner, where there are no last minute, emergency trips to Wal-Mart at 9pm for an assignment that's due tomorrow.  A home that is much too big and much too quiet.

As I got up for work Monday morning (late from the long and emotional road trip the day before) I reached for my hair dryer...that was gone.  I looked around.  My flat iron was also missing!  AND WHERE IS MY FAVORITE CHARCOAL EYE SHADOW?
I'm going to kill her!  As soon as she comes home for Thanksgiving, I'm killing her!

The real question here is "Why am I spending all this money on college when my daughter could make a very good living in petty theft or maybe even grand larceny?"


Anonymous said...

My favorite so far!! Jammie

Incipient Wings said...

This was sad and also a bit funny.
Sounds like the same discussions I have with my daughter...

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Beautiful story ! thank you for your nice comment on my blog, are you into FB too? i would like to "friend" you there :)